Hadoop Summit North America 2014 will feature three days of content and 6 tracks (almost double the number of sessions offered in 2013) dedicated to enabling the next generation data platform. Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers will share use cases and success stories, best practices, cautionary tales and technology insights.

Tracks are divided into 6 key topic areas, which will cover:

Committer Track

Come hear it from the elephant’s mouth… This track presents technical deep dive content from committers across a wide range of advanced/basic topics and projects. Speakers in this track are restricted to committers across all Hadoop-related Apache projects only and all content will be curated by a group of senior committers.

The Future of Apache Hadoop

The next generation of Hadoop is being built today. This track investigates the key projects, such as YARN, the incubation projects and the industry initiatives driving innovation in and around the Hadoop platform. Attendees will hear from the technical leads, committers, and expert users who are actively driving the roadmaps, key features, and advanced technology research around what is coming next for the Hadoop ecosystem.

Data Science & Hadoop

Sessions in this track focus on the practice of data science using Hadoop. This includes applications, tools, and algorithms as well as areas of advanced research and emerging applications that use and extend the Hadoop platform for data science. Sessions will cover examples of innovative analytics applications and systems that refine raw data into actionable insight using visualization, statistics and machine learning.

Hadoop Deployment & Operations

This track focuses on the deployment, operation and administration of Hadoop clusters at scale, with an emphasis on tips, tricks, best practices and war stories. Sessions will cover the full deployment lifecycle from installation, configuration, and initial production deployment, error recover, security and fault tolerance for large-scale operations.

Hadoop for Business Applications and Development

Hadoop is central to the modern data architecture and must integrate with the tools and applications you already use or empower new applications to be built on top of it. Speakers in this track will discuss languages, tools, techniques, and solutions for deriving business value and competitive advantage from the large volumes of data flowing through today’s enterprise.

Hadoop Driven Business

This track provides concrete examples of how Hadoop is enabling businesses across a wide range of industries to become data-driven, including a new generation of business intelligence and analytics solutions. Speakers will share the unique ways they are deriving value from data in order to achieve competitive advantage and/or new levels of productivity. They will discuss tools, techniques, and solutions for deriving business value and competitive advantage from the large volumes of data. Case studies and tips for effective exploration of business data with visualization and statistical models will also be covered.