Hadoop Summit Keynotes - Recordings

Tuesday, June 9

Driving Business Transformation with Enterprise Hadoop

Rob Bearden
CEO, Hortonworks, Inc.
In today’s data-rich world, overlooked insight translates into missed opportunity. The emergence and explosion of new types of data in combination with the adoption of open enterprise Hadoop has unlocked the opportunity for every business to translate its full spectrum of data into next-generation systems of insight. Startups and mainstream enterprises across all industries are driving more revenue and optimizing margins by deploying big data applications built on an enterprise grade Hadoop platform powered by YARN. Join Rob Bearden as he looks at the current state of the market and the impact of this transformational technology.

Changing the Art of the Possible With Big Data

T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan
Vice President, Data Platform, Microsoft Corporation
How does big data solutions reach our everyday lives? What if you can power clean energy, raise funds for natural disasters, or help high school students get into college? Join T. K. “Ranga” Rengarajan, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, who will highlight how big data technologies can change the art of the possible by reaching more people and impacting our world.

Unlocking the Vision of Hadoop Everywhere

Arun Murthy
Founder, Hortonworks, Inc.
With the release of Apache Hadoop 2 and YARN in 2013, Hadoop moved past its humble roots as a web-scale, batch-only data processing system towards becoming an enterprise data platform capable of supporting any application, any data, anywhere. Innovative community efforts have enabled a rich world of real-time, interactive and batch applications running simultaneously against shared datasets. Enterprises can confidently manage, govern, and secure new data sources and traditional data sets in a seamless and centralized way on Linux or Windows, on-premises or in the cloud. Join Hortonworks, Inc. Founder Arun Murthy as he looks at the current and future state of open enterprise Hadoop, discusses new use cases being enabled, and reviews recent community initiatives addressing key enterprise requirements.

Adoption is the Only Option—Five Ways Hadoop is Changing the World and Two Ways It Will Change Yours

Mike Gualtieri
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
Apache Hadoop is the rising star of the business technology agenda for a simple reason — it disrupts the economics of data, analytics, and someday soon, all enterprise applications; it is secretly becoming an application platform too. Professionals like you will build and run smart applications on Hadoop that not only use analytics, but also become an integral part of many applications. Hadoop is the catalyst that lets you change the world. Forrester Research industry analyst, Mike Gualtieri, will explain the trends driving this breakneck adoption and how you can profit from it by accelerating your efforts.

Wednesday, June 10

Hadoop v2 – The Intersection of Analytics and the Enterprise

CJ Desai
President, Emerging Technologies Division, EMC
A rising tide of information is being collected, processed, and analyzed by enterprises around the world, but this flood of data brings as many challenges as it does solutions. As companies become more data driven in a wide range of activities, they will need their production big data implementations to meet common enterprise requirements such as high performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance. Underlying the databases and analytics engines, other parts of the technology stack are critical components for providing these qualities, not the least of which involves the choice of storage platforms. The storage systems can make or break a big data implementation. EMC is a leader in purpose built storage for Enterprise ready Hadoop. Come hear EMC’s vision and strategy in transforming companies into data-driven enterprises using Hadoop based technologies and best practices.

Open Enterprise Hadoop and the Customer Journey

Scott Gnau
CTO, Hortonworks, Inc.
In this session, Hortonworks, Inc. CTO Scott Gnau will review the evolution of Hadoop in the enterprise, looking specifically at high-scale adoption and the requirements for success in the enterprise. Scott will provide an overview of the new capabilities in the latest generation of Hortonworks, Inc. Data Platform and what it means to enterprise customers as they journey from pilot projects, to analytic applications, to building a data lake. Joining Scott will be John Williams, VP of Technology from TrueCar to provide an overview of the TrueCar data-lake, and the journey they have taken to build it.

The Future of Business: SAP, Hadoop and Big Data

Quentin Clark
The software industry has been going through a massive transformation, and the impact to enterprises will be generational. Customers have new expectations driving the need for modernized businesses. Companies have to contextualize the increasing data variety and diversity. Quentin Clark, Chief Technology Officer at SAP, discusses how data is reshaping businesses, redefining what is possible and the role Hadoop plays in that modernization. Quentin highlights why the close collaboration with Hortonworks, Inc. is paramount in helping companies to embrace the digitalization of the world, innovate and run simply.

Building Analytic Applications to Harness 100% of Your Organization’s Data

Walter Maguire
Chief Field Technologist, HP Big Data Business Unit, HP Software
Learn how HP’s Big Data platform, HP Haven, powers your full range of analytic use cases by providing the underlying engines and best practices to build and deliver Big Data analytic solutions. From the latest in SQL on Hadoop innovation, Distributed R predictive analytics, MPP computing, and cloud-based analytical web services, you’ll see how organizations are harnessing the power of business, machine, and human information to create, deploy, and deliver the next-generation of composite analytics applications.

0.5%: The Margin Between Good and Great, and How to Find It

David Epstein
As sports have become high stakes, global competitions, the performance margins that differentiate good,great and legendary have shrunk dramatically. The importance of finding tiny advantages is greater than ever. Where Moneyball was once a novelty, now it is the norm in every sport as data is mined to find those vanishingly small advantages. And yet, even as sports are awash in data, much of it is applied to surprisingly little effect. David Epstein will discuss the importance of combining big data with cutting edge science about expertise to emerge with “small data”: the kind that reveals where those tiny advantages are hiding.

Thursday, June 11

Flurry Mobile Analytics in the Hadoop Ecosystem

Tim Tully
VP, Engineering, Yahoo!, Inc.
Flurry is the world’s largest mobile analytics platform, providing analytics to hundreds of thousands of apps around the world. In this talk, Tim will discuss how Flurry leverages the Hadoop ecosystem to solve massive scale problems, providing rich and flexible analytics to publishers, while processing data coming from billions of devices. Moreover, he will discuss the evolution of the Flurry analytics platform as it adapted to not just the scale, but also to the evolving and increasingly rich Hadoop offerings.

Hadoop – Enterprise Ready

Ron Bodkin
Founder and President, Think Big, a Teradata Company
Hadoop has truly become ready for the enterprise. Because of this customers are deploying different architectural patterns including Data Lakes. During this session Ron will highlight some interesting trends in the adoption of Big Data Analytics inside the enterprise. Learn how Data Lakes are a key component to our customer’s analytic architecture and what it takes to keep them well governed so you can trust the data. Once you have data in Hadoop, how do you allow analysts and data scientists to access data and spend their time being creative? And how do you foster creativity to use the new tools and techniques that are available? Ron will also talk about the key value add components that Teradata and Think Big bring to the Hadoop ecosystem to make deployment successful.

Panel: Transformational Stories of Hadoop in the Enterprise

Herb Cunitz, President, Hortonworks, Inc.
Chris Dingle, Director, Customer Intelligence, Rogers
Sam Gentsch, Manager, Information Technology, Home Depot
David T. Lin, Cloud Platform Engineering, Leader & Evangelist, Symantec
Rob Smith, Executive Director, IT, Verizon
Anil Varma, Vice President, Data and Analytics, Schlumberger
In this not-to-be- missed session, you will join our panel of forward thinking enterprises as they discuss how enterprise Apache Hadoop is helping transform their businesses and furthering their market leadership. Hear directly from five thought leaders including Home Depot, Rogers Communications, Symantec, Schlumberger and Verizon as they discuss the critical business issues solved by using Hadoop, share the challenges they experienced, the solutions they found and the key lessons you can use at your organization. This is an opportunity to gain key insights from five leading companies about their journey to a data lake.

Big Data Today

Geoffrey Moore
At the 5th Annual Hadoop Summit conference in 2012, Geoff Moore laid out a technology adoption roadmap for Big Data from the point of view of technology providers. Join Geoff as he updates that roadmap with a specific focus on business customers and the buying decisions they face in 2015.