Track Chair Interview: Raymie Stata

The Hadoop Summit 2013 agenda is packed with great sessions. We’ve invited the speakers and track chairs to give us a little more insight into their thinking. This short interview is with Track Chair for Enterprise Data Architecture, Raymie Stata, CEO of Verticloud. You can register for Hadoop Summit here, and see the detailed schedule here.

HS: What is exciting about your track this year?

RS: Of course, it was great to work with such high caliber judges — we had a lively and enlightening discussion.  Also, it was great to see the reach of Hadoop extend into new industries, such as health care.

HS: What theme emerged from the talks in your track?

RS: We saw a number of themes in our submissions. Hadoop as platform for ETL was one.  Security was another.  Low-latency use-cases was also a popular topic.

HS: Who were the judges in your track?

RS: We had an amazing group of judges, including:

  • Ralph Kimball, one of the founders of dimensional modeling, and a luminary in the world of Enterprise Data Warehousing.
  • Raghu Ramakrishnan, a renown database researcher from U. Wisconsin, who has spent time at Yahoo and, more recently, at Microsoft, pushing the use of Hadoop across those organizations.
  • Theo Vassilakis, one of the original leads of Google’s Dremmel project.
  • Soam Acharya, former CTO of Delve Networks, where he used EMR for video analytics

HS: What background and perspective do you bring to the Hadoop Summit selection process?

RS: I’ve spent many years helping to drive the adoption of Hadoop across teams and companies.  I think this experience helps me appreciate information that’s useful for people struggling to adopt Hadoop for real-world use cases, versus information for folks more interested in the internals of Hadoop.

HS: What has changed in the world of Hadoop since last year?

RS: I don’t see any step-function change, but what I noticed is that Hadoop continues to quickly move beyond its origins in the world of large-scale Internet web-log processing into a foundational tool for data processing in all industries.

HS: Thank you for all the efforts you and judges gave to making Hadoop Summit 2013 a great success. We’ll see you there.