Speaker Interview: Wisely Chen

Continuing our ad hoc series of Hadoop Summit speaker interviews. This short interview is with Wisely Chen, of Yahoo!. You can register for Hadoop Summit here, and see the detailed schedule here.

HS: Tell us about your session. What is it about? Why does it excite you?

WC:  Our session is “Continuous Integration for the Applications on top of Hadoop.” I am release manager of  Yahoo! Taiwan Shopping. We have front end team using standard Yahoo tech and backend team which use .NET platform. And also we have data team to provide a good BI, reporting and data analysis platform. So in the center of these team, the release team is in charged on the CI(Continuous Integration) infrastructure and try to make automate process boost the development productivity. And that also include hadoop platform. And Neal has helped me a lot on the hadoop/pig/pigunit/performance testing side and I am really appreciate of that. I going to talk is about bring the CI and CD(Continuous Delivery) into hadoop and try to make data team engineer more happy.  Usually we spend a lot of time on some routine job and process and iterative lose a lot of effort on things that is not so valuable. I think CI/CD concept and practice can help you.

HS: What other sessions are you most excited about?

WC: As a build and deploy guy, all sessions in the Deployment and Operation are so interesting to me. And the HBase things are also great. The Genie session looks so astonishing.

HS: What has changed in the world of Hadoop compared to last year?

WC: I think the Hadoop world is changing a lot every years . A lot of new tools and system are built on top of Hadoop stack and I think it is really amazing.

HS: Thanks! And best of luck with your session.

Wisely Chen is Release Manager for the Yahoo! (Taiwan) Shopping/Data Team and has been responsible for software release and continuous integration management for two years. He is a lifelong student of software development/testing/deployment/CI processes and best practices and an avid coding puzzle competition fanatic as well as Open Source evangelist