Speaker Interview: Matthew Rathbone

Continuing our ad hoc series of Hadoop Summit speaker interviews. This short interview is with Matthew Rathbone of Foursquare. You can register for Hadoop Summit here, and see the detailed schedule here.

HS: Tell us a little about your session.

MR: My session – Building and Improving Products with Hadoop – is about using Hadoop to create and improve (digital) products. This subject is pretty exciting because when you start treating Hadoop (and related technologies) as a production system you really unlock their full potential. That can be really powerful and give you a massive edge over your competition.

HS: What other sessions are most exciting to you?

MR: I‘m really excited about all of the real-time data processing talks. There have been a lot of advancements in this area of the last couple of years so some really impressive systems, storage formats, and algorithms are surfacing.

HS: What has changed in the world of Hadoop compared to last year?

MR: A lot seems to be changing in the Hadoop world. There is a big push towards real-time or near real-time performance, with initiatives such as Stinger and Impala. I am looking forward to hearing about the latest, greatest and fastest at the Hadoop Summit.

HS: Thanks! And best of luck with your session.

Matthew Rathbone is a Software Engineer at Foursquare where he builds and manages large scale offline infrastructure. Matthew works mostly in the Scala programming language and with tools such as Hadoop, Kafka, Graphite, Mongo DB, and more. Prior to working at Foursquare, Matthew received his MS in Computer Science from NYU’s Courant School of Mathematics where he focussed his studies on distributed systems and Natural Language Processing.