Call for Lightning Talks for Hadoop Summit North America 21013

Yes, you heard it correctly.

We’re going to have a fun round of Lightning Talks at this year’s Hadoop Summit North America.

This year’s summit, conference participants will have the opportunity to share their initiatives with the Hadoop community through our Lighting Talks session.

Lightning Talks are a series of 5-minute presentatons. You are invited to submit a topic for consideration to present as a Lightning Talk. You can submit a story, amazing tips and tricks, share a case study, or suggest a new approach, as long as it’s related to Apache Hadoop and can be conveyed in 5-minutes.

In keeping with the spirit of the community, all topics will be voted on by the public via Community Choice platform. The top 8 vote getters will be added to the Hadoop Summit Lightning Talks agenda.

Submit your topics by May 7, 2013:

Make it quick – Presentations must be 5-minutes or less. You don’t need to make slides, but if you do decide to, we’ll provide a computer and projector, and the rest is up to you.

Have fun! – This is your chance to share your story to fellow Apache Hadoop and Big Data geeks. You may get valuable feedback and expand your network, so have fun while doing it.

Submit your Lightning Talk idea and reserve your spot on the agenda! Do it now, before somebody else has the same great idea.

* Lightning talk speakers must register for the conference and are responsible for their own travel and expenses. By submitting this talk, you are confirming you have authority and permission from your company to present on the topic.