Call for Abstracts Extended to March 1st (and how to get selected)

In case you didn’t hear, the deadline for submitting abstracts to the 2013 Hadoop Summit conference in San Jose, CA has been extended to this Friday, March 1st.

Submit your abstract today

A selection committee comprised of thought leaders from across the Apache Hadoop community will review your abstract. All presenters selected to participate will receive a free all-access conference pass.

One of the questions we often get from submitters is: what can I do to improve my chances of being selected?

Based on feedback from past members of the content selection committees, here is a list of 5 suggestions for improving your chances of being selected:

1. Write a clear and compelling abstract. This is obvious but make sure your topic will appeal to a broad set of attendees for your given track. Keep in mind that the selection committee members generally have to read (multiple) dozens of abstracts for their designated track. Make sure yours is well written and highlights the compelling nature of your talk immediately.

2. Avoid vendor pitches. We welcome vendors to submit abstracts. Vendor representatives often speak at Hadoop Summit conferences but we generally avoid any talks that are too vendor-specific. Make sure your topic is relevant to the Apache Hadoop community regardless of whether or not conference attendees use your product or services.

3. Be specific. One of the most common reasons that committee members give for giving poor marks to an abstract is that the abstract is too general. Keep in mind that the committees generally select presentations that provide different perspectives for a given track. Abstracts that are too general don’t fit.

4. Use real-world examples. Perhaps the most effective way to improve the likelihood of being selected is to feature real world examples in your presentation. Most attendees want to hear from others that have tackled the same challenges. They want to hear what has worked and what has not. Each is valuable.

5. Find the right track. In a number of cases, compelling abstracts have failed to make the cut because they were simply submitted to the wrong track. While the committee tries to move misplaced abstracts, it’s not uncommon for these topics to fall through the cracks. It’s really important to make sure that you identify the track that is the best fit and write your abstract with that track in mind. The tracks for Hadoop Summit 2013 San Jose are below.

Hadoop Summit 2013 San Jose TRACKS:

Hadoop Driven Business / Business Intelligence
Sessions in this track focus on how Hadoop is powering a new generation of business intelligence solutions. Speakers will discuss tools, techniques, and solutions for deriving business value and competitive advantage from the large volumes of data flowing through today’s enterprise. Tips for effective exploration of business data with visualization and statistical models will also be covered.

Applications and Data Science
Sessions in this track focus on the practice of data science using Hadoop. This includes novel applications, tools, and algorithms as well as areas of advanced research and emerging applications that use and extend the Hadoop platform. Sessions will cover examples of innovative analytics applications and systems that refine raw data into actionable insight using visualization, statistics and machine learning.

Deployment and Operations
This track focuses on the deployment, operation and administration of Hadoop clusters at scale, with an emphasis on tips, tricks, best practices and war stories. Sessions will cover the full deployment lifecycle from installation, configuration, and initial production deployment to large-scale roll out.

Enterprise Data Architecture
This track focuses on Hadoop as a data platform and how it fits within broader enterprise data architectures. Sessions will focus on integration points between Hadoop and other enterprise systems and patterns and methods in operating these systems together: real-time transactions, datastores, datamarts, and data warehouses.

Future of Apache Hadoop
This track takes a technical look at the key projects and research efforts driving innovation in and around the Hadoop platform. Attendees will hear from the technical leads, committers, and expert users who are actively driving the roadmaps, key features, and advanced technology research.

Hadoop (Disruptive) Economics
Laser-focused on business innovation, this track provides concrete examples of how Hadoop is enabling businesses across a wide range of industries to become data-driven. Speakers will share the unique ways they are deriving value from data in order to achieve competitive advantage and/or new levels of productivity. Business processes, disrupted markets, solutions, architectures and lessons learned will also be discussed.

Reference Architectures
Apache Hadoop impacts every level of the enterprise data architecture from storage and operating systems through end-user tools and applications. Sessions in this track focus on how the various components of the enterprise ecosystem integrate and interoperate with Apache Hadoop. Presentations will include reference architectures that demonstrate integration points, complementary workloads, and value propositions for Hadoop in the enterprise.

Remember, the deadline to submit an abstract is now Friday, March 1st. Don’t delay. Submit your abstract today.