Track Chair Interview: Evert Lammerts

The Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 agenda is packed with great sessions. We’ve invited the speakers and track chairs to give us a little more insight into their thinking. This short interview is with Track Chair for The Future of Apache Hadoop, Evert Lammerts, CEO of Lucipher. You can register for Hadoop Summit here, and see the detailed schedule here.

HS: Tell us a little about your track. What is exciting about it this year?

RS: The Future of Hadoop track is for the adventurous and the creative. Its contributors contemplate the future of large-scale data storage and processing with Hadoop and friends, beyond the state of the art. Some developments that excite me this year are 1) implementations of processing models and data structures for easier and more efficient processing 2) the progress of YARN as a general purpose resource manager and, not in the least, 3) recent research into the possibilities offered by solid state storage.

HS: You saw many submissions. What themes emerged amongst the talks in the track?

RS: This year we see an emphasis on facilitating broader applicability of Hadoop; in terms of workloads, with lots of entries on low-latency analytics and querying, and in terms of corporate compliance, with entries on security and integration.

HS: Who were the judges in the track?

RS: Two academics whom I both hold in high regard agreed to review the entries with me:

HS: What’s your perspective on Hadoop in 2014? What are you hoping to see?

RS: My perspective on Hadoop is shaped by the submissions we’ve reviewed; I expect the focus on broader applicability to pay off. An area that interests us at Lucipher and that I personally hope to see emerge in the evolution of Hadoop, is data confidentiality, preferably verifiable through end-to-end encryption.

HS: What sessions from other tracks are you most interested in seeing?

RS: A number of sessions have triggered my personal interest. For example, the enterprise security standards session in the deployment and ops track, the sessions on HDFS in-memory caching and ACID transactions in the committer track and, based on earlier talks I’ve seen him give, I wouldn’t miss Ted Dunning’s session in the data science track.

HS: Thank you for all the efforts you and judges gave to making Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 a great success. We’ll see you there.