Track Chair Interview: Cédric Carbone

Continuing our series of interviews and viewpoints on Hadoop Summit Europe. This interview is with Track Chair for Hadoop Deployment and Operations – Cédric Carbone, CTO, Talend. You can register for Hadoop Summit here, and see the detailed schedule here.
HS: Tell us a little about your track. What is exciting about it this year?

CC: In the Hadoop Deployment and Operations track, we are covering very technical and current topics. These DevOps-oriented sessions will address various technologies such as MapReduce, Pig, Hive, HBase, Storm and Flume. Presentations about the full deployment lifecycle from installation, configuration and initial production deployment to upgrade maintenance will be given to attendees.

HS: You saw many submissions. What themes emerged amongst the talks in the track?

CC: Many submissions were made in this track as over one hundred proposals were created, including large European organizations such as Spotify and Xing! The main themes included security and multi-tenant / Hadoop as a Service. YARN is also an important subject, as well as the migration from MR1 to YARN.

HS: Who were the judges in the track?

CC: The judges in the track were Mathias HerbertsJulien Simon and myself.

Mathias Herberts is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Cityzen Data. The company provides a scalable, secure, ethical and open, Hadoop-based platform for sensor data.

Julien Simon is the former Vice President of Engineering at Criteo and since 2014, Julien works as the Chief Technology Officer of Software at Aldebaran Robotics.

HS: What’s your perspective on Hadoop in 2014? What are you hoping to see?

CC: Hadoop has become mature! After proof of concepts, we are seeing many projects going in production. Security is also easier to put in place and can be considered a standard. In the future, Hadoop should be even more involved in real-time and operational use cases, in addition to analytics.

HS: What sessions from other tracks are you most interested in seeing?

CC: Gunther Hagleitner and Gopal Vijayaraghavan will present on Hive and Tez: a performance deep dive. This session will explore how techniques like container-reuse, re-localization of resources, sessions, pipelined splits, ORC stripe indexes, PPD, vectorization and more work and contribute to dramatically increase speed of start-up and query execution.

Seetharam Venkatesh and Srikanth Sundarrajan will be speaking about Apache Falcon and Data Governance in Hadoop. The presentation will focus on this new Apache data management project, including a live demo.

HS: Thank you for all the efforts you and judges gave to making Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 a great success. We’ll see you there.