Speaker Interview: Kathleen Ting

Continuing our series of interviews and viewpoints from speakers at Hadoop Summit Europe, this interview is with Kathleen Ting, Technical Account Manager, Cloudera who will be speaking on “7 Deadly Hadoop Misconfigurations” as part of the ‘Deployment and Operations’ track on Day 2, at 3:30pm. You can see the detailed schedule here.

HS: Tell us a little about your session.

Hadoop World 2011 was the first time I gave my ‘7 Deadly Hadoop Misconfigurations’ talk. Since then I’ve been invited to give it a few more times – updating each time with more relevant misconfigs. Hadoop Summit Europe 2014 marks the first time I’m including YARN misconfigs, specifically on how similar error messages have very different root causes in MR1 as compared to MR2.

HS: What made you want to talk about Hadoop misconfigurations?

Misconfigurations and bugs break the most clusters. Often, a bad configuration will lurk for a long time until some otherwise innocuous change to the system or workload causes difficulties. This is a hard problem because the error messages are not tightly tied to the root cause. In fact, the first overt symptom reported by users is a poor predictor of the root cause of failures. Debugging a misconfiguration is not what you want to spend your time on so you want to get it right the first time since it’s hard to diagnose.

HS: What sessions are you most interested in seeing?

In addition to the plethora of YARN talks, I look forward to these three talks:

  • Hearing more about HBase 0.96 from one of my favorite authors, Lars George
  • Hearing immensely entertaining Hadoop founder Doug Cutting’s insights on the future of data
  • Hearing from HDFS committers Andrew Wang and Colin McCabe on the many benefits of in-memory caching in HDFS.

HS: Thanks! Good luck with your session, and we’ll see you in Amsterdam.

Kathleen is currently a Technical Account Manager at Cloudera where she helps strategic customers deploy and use the Hadoop ecosystem in production. She has spoken on Hadoop, ZooKeeper, and Sqoop at many Big Data conferences, including Hadoop World, ApacheCon, and OSCON. She’s contributed to several projects in the open source community and is a Committer and PMC Member on Sqoop. She is a co-author on the “Apache Sqoop Cookbook.”