Meet the Presenters: Steve Watt of Red Hat

Today’s interview features Steve Watt, consulting software engineer for Red Hat. Steve will be presenting Optimizing Your Infrastructure and Operating Systems for Hadoop, a discussion aimed at helping organization to optimally design and configure their Apache Hadoop platforms.

Tell us about your presentation.

Steve: Hadoop is a fairly rapidly evolving technology and I feel the accessible information on Hadoop applicable hardware design and Linux optimization hasn’t really kept pace with what is largely accessible for the aspects related to software. Furthermore, the data center can be a bit of a mystery to the average software engineer and so I thought I’d combine those two issues into a talk that gets everyone up to speed on current best practices related to Hadoop infrastructure and Linux optimization regardless of their background with Hadoop or scale-out applications.

What do you expect will be the single biggest takeaway of your presentation for attendees?

Steve: I think the biggest takeaway will be demystifying infrastructure configuration for Hadoop. Its really not that hard or complex and you dont need an extensive background in infrastructure design to get it right.

What are you most looking forward to at Hadoop Summit?

Steve: I recently attended ApacheCon EU in Sinsheim, Germany and thoroughly enjoyed meeting all my European compatriots in open source and so I’m looking forward to doing the same at Hadoop Summit Europe. The bonus being that everyone is working on or using Hadoop, which is fantastic. Of course, I can’t deny the allure of Amsterdam and it being a welcome change from the standard Hadoop conferences on this side of the pond.

What other presentations are you most looking forward to attending?

Steve: I’ve been spending a fair bit of time working on ops lately so I’d have to say the talk I’m most looking forward to is “Hadoop Operations at LinkedIn” by Allen Wittenauer.